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Easicult dipslide tests are intended for monitoring microbiological contamination (total bacterial count and fungi) in various industrial environments. The tests can be performed on-site and/or used as convenient transport media for samples. Using Easicult does not require any specific training, advance preparation or equipment.
Easicult Combi Pro Fuels
Easicult tests help to maintain high microbiological quality throughout the whole manufacturing process. They assist in optimising the correct usage of biocides and thus prolong the lifecycle of industrial process fluids, prevent clogging and/or corrosion process and process break-ups caused by microbial contamination.
Easicult tests provide you with :
  1. Ready to use on-site tests for monitoring microbial contamination
  2. Established and reliable method offering security and peace of mind
  3. No counting of colonies - easy result interpretation with the help of an example chart

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